objects thinking too much

Akihiko Taniguchi

about "objects thinking too much"

"objects thinking too much" is the sculpture work made from some daily necessaries, and iPad and iPhones.

Using standard software configurations, existing touch panel and screen rotation functionality, and built-in GPS, a range of expression derives from minimal interventions and a little Incorrect connection.



・iPad is suspended from the ceiling.
・iPad bend before the wind by an electric fan.
・Movie of tissue paper has been played repeatedly.


・Memo pad application has started on iPad.
・Mineral water (volvic) falls to iPad.
・iPad is misunderstanding and typing character.
・iPad inputs "volvic" sometimes. (video 2:00〜)


・iPad is suspended from the ceiling.
・Map application has started on iPad. And pointe to current location.
・Magnet is placed on the reverse side of ipad and it sometimes moves.
・Map rotates by magnet.


・Two iPhone connected by Facetime (Default video chat apps).
・One iPhone streaming to another iPhone that electric bulb which became bright.
・Another IPhone received the video, then that screen will be brighter.
・That brighter screen acts as light. And send back video that iPhone have taken.